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GERTON wheel guides guarantee precise dock-in at the loading bay and avoid expensive damage to dock shelters, levellers, buildings and to the vehicles caused by imprecise docking processes. Thanks to the wheel guides’ smooth surface the vehicles’ tires and wheel rims are not subject to any damage.



  • Security of the transshipment process, the precision position of the car ensures safety transshipment. 
  • Protection of the ramp against the damage. 



  • Wheel guides are made of steel pipes measuring 160 mm in diameter,
  • Corrosion protection: varnishing or hot galvanizing /fire galvanizing,
  • Installation possible in two versions: by screws or by concerned to the ground.  


Transport-forwarding-logistic services (except formal tasks) include loading, unloading, reloading, as well as storage. Consequently, it is necessary to adapt the space to future activities, then the wheel guides are perfect solution in this situation. They are  professional, universal, solid, and designed for various types of vehicles (according to their dimension, wheelbase, etc,.) 


Transport without properly implemented forwarding does not sense, because attention to detail is a necessity. Thanks to wheel guides, it becomes possible to: 


  • increase precision in terms of transshipment any goods on forklift or different mechanic vehicle   
  • saving time connected with reloading or unloading processes 
  • minimizing the risk of damage to the transshipment ramp or other elements 


The solid construction of guides made of bent steel pipes is not the end. An additional advantage of this solution is the ease of keeping the guides in good condition and in cleanliness because their surface has been protected, so it is not adversely affected by atmospheric conditions or possible corrosive detergents. Another extremely important element is the stability of the assembly, and this can be done in two different ways: by screwing special screws into the ground or by concreting the construction. Pre-storage space arranged in this way influences positive into loading, reloading, and unloading process.  


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