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Stationary ramp


We enable direct connection between the loading yard and storage space using the loading dock. Thanks to this solution, a forklift, car, truck or other vehicle can enter the warehouse. This  enables a flow of goods between warehouses. Our qualified team provides professional advice from the planning stage, through technical aspects to final acceptance. Each ramp is  an individual project, taking into account the height of the dock floor and the slope of the terrain. It is tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.



Types of ramps:

Dock ramp - Used to enter vehicles such as a forklift from "0" level into a hall, warehouse or other building. It is mounted to the existing dock. The ramp is an inclined plane with no steps or clear joints that can negatively affect the forklift truck.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Working load capacity  7 - 20 tons, *
  • Total lenght (A) +/- 8,2 m, *
  • Overrun section length (B) - 8,0 m, *
  • Working height (E) - adjust to the customer needs,
  • Working width (F) - 2,0 - 3,0 m, *
  • Total width (G) -  2,2 - 3,2 m, *

* possibility of increasing / decreasing parameters


rampa najazdowa



Stationary ramp - Used for loading directly from the loading yard onto a car, container or railway wagon. It can be ended with a loading bridge or a hinged bridge on the vehicle side.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Working load capacity  7 - 25 tons, *
  • Total lenght (A) +/- 11,0 m, *
  • Overrun section length (B) - 8,5 m, *
  • Leveling section lenght (C) - 2,5 m*
  • Working height (E) - adjust to the customer needs,
  • Working width (F) - 2.0 - 3.0 m, *
  • Total width (G) -  2,2 - 3,2 m, *
  • Container lip length 0,3-0,6 m, *

* possibility of increasing / decreasing parameters




Stationary ramp - client project.

  • The ramp is use to adapt to the customer's idea and specifications





  • the ramp is a welded structure, made of high-strength steel S355,
  • anti-corrosion protection: sandblasting and paint coating – 2 layers epoxy and polyurethane,
  • non-slip surface: steel structure in extruded technology with a thickness of 6mm,
  • safe adaptation to the vehicle with the help of blocking wedges,
  • smooth height adjustment with a manual or electro-hydraulic pump.


We offer additional options, such as:

  • railings – traffic safety,
  • bumpers - additional security,
  • roofing -  protection against weather conditions,
  • additional supports - additional protection. 


The offer includes:


  • Taking the measures necessary to start the design process,
  • Transport,
  • Installation at the place of destination.


Our ramps have a 12-month warranty. The products meet applicable EC standards and directives, have CE declarations, have been checked as a structural model.

Due to the continuous improvement of the device structure, the product may slightly differ from the one shown.

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