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 We proudly accept new logistics challenges! Innovation and individual approach are the key to finding the best solution. Special ramps are always produced as an individual project. Thorough consideration of the customer’s specific requirements and our years-long experience enable us to solve every problem Our engineering department is open to the customer's ideas, suggestions and needs in order to create a product that will ensure the maximum available performance of transhipment process while maintaining safety standards.

Our ramps are durable and stable, which results from the strong construction. For production, we use steel with increased strength in S355 grade. Safety is guaranteed by a special steel structure with non-slip properties, extruded technology with a thickness of 6mm.

Anticorrosion protection: sandblasting and 2 layers paint coating - epoxy and polyurethane.


  Our projects in this field have solved the problems:

  • Unloading a sea container located at the front of the semi-trailer,
  • Loading enormous wide and heavy construction machinery onto the semi-trailer,
  • Loading goods having a height equal to the height of the semi-trailer,
  • Unloading a hook lift with a container for segregation,
  • Implementation of a universal ramp serving as dock, mobile and ramp for loading wide and heavy agricultural equipment,
  • Ramp with a roof to protect the goods against weather conditions,
  • Bus unloading ramp.


The warranty period is 12 months. We comply with EU legal regulations. Our products are CE certified, and meet the requirements of the Machinery Directives



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