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Dock seals are used to protect space in between the warehouse and the car against the effects of weather conditions during the transhipment process. They are sealing the space around their external outline of the truck vehicle, over the entire surface of their width and height. The sluice structure is flexible and does not cause pressure on the building façade. The sealing locks are known as gate seals.

Used as:

  • The element of transshipment process 
  • The element of transshipment dock 
  • The element of transshipment gate


Product designation:

  • Protection the space between warehouse and interior of the cargo of the truck against weather conditions
  • Ensure security and comfortable of work conditions


Benefits of using seal docks:

  • Minimalizing open space between vehicle and building used to reduce the risk of accidents
  • Protection against weather conditions and airborne contaminants
  • Reduction of energy consumption especially in winter, also reducing amount of cold air inside the warehouse 


Solid materials are used to produce the sealing airlocks, which characterized by perfect resistance for atmospheric conditions, high tear resistance and are wear-resistant, also steel construction is protected galvanically against corrosion.


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